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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blog number one

So, after many many years of promised web sites by others, my glorious and talented friend Julia (thorazos@gmail.com) built me a lovely one. I will add more images as they come in.

In December John and I got to participate in the Prints for Pica printing extravaganza, we also taught a monotype workshop for children as a part of that. It was a wonderful day of making art with kids. Our youngest student was four and a half, the oldest twelve. Most had at leas one parent in the arts, and were not intimidated by the process. Much beautiful work was made. Six year old Jake should get his parents to buy him his own press. He had such a clear grasp of the techniques we were teaching, it was like he found his native language. Making prints is wonderful, teaching people to make prints, and being there for the moment that someone else's 'aha' happens is a privilege. Next year we will take photos to post.

For now, it is sunny and warm and my garden is calling.